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BodyRight Fitness is so much more than just coming to a 45min session and leaving. We are a community of women, all shapes and sizes coming together and creating a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to encourage women to support and empower each other and to have fun and burn calories while doing it.



A professional trainer with a passion for fitness, Liana encourages an all round healthy lifestyle.
Liana believes in eating healthy, training hard and encourages her clients fitness motivation with visible results.



High Intensity Interval Training! What a killer total body workout! HIIT is definitely one of the harder classes because as the name suggests its High Intensity! HIIT is a great way to build stamina and strength, your heart rate is always up and we focus on compound exercises to get all your major muscle groups switched on and working. HIIT can either be Tabata, plyometric, circuit or hypertrophy style training, but its all about building that strength and endurance in your muscles, the lean the muscle the more fat you burn. But be warned battles ropes are sometimes used in this class!


ABT is a 45min class targeting ABS, BUTT and THIGHS! This class really gets your muscles burning, with body weight, weights and plyometric training all in one! ABT keeps your heart rate up whilst creating lean muscle and burning fat fast! Compound, isolated and isometric exercises are incorporated in every ABT session so expect Burpees, Planks, Booty building exercises and Lunges just to name a few!


Boxing is one of the most popular classes and why not? It’s one of the best cardio workouts you’ll get! This class pushes you to the limit but you feel great after! Not only focusing on cardiovascular endurance but technique and power in every punch/kick. Boxing sessions are always different, you could be doing combos, tabata, abs, push-ups, kickboxing or sprints but you won’t know til you get there! Boxing is a great way to release stress and frustration from everyday life, even if it is for just 45mins!

trx & core

TRX is becoming wildly popular across the health and fitness industry. TRX are suspension straps that can be used for a wide variety of bodyweight exercises that focus on engaging your core. TRX helps improve flexibility, balance, strength and stamina all with just one piece of equipment! It can be used by beginners, advanced and anyone in between as the way you position your body changes the difficulty of the exercise. Combined with bodyweight core exercises you will leave the class feeling your abs have been worked hard!