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How to workout on Holiday

How to workout on Holiday

How to workout on Holiday | Fitness | Bodyright Bootcamp Perth Fitness

How to workout on Holiday

The holiday season can be a tricky time to navigate when it comes to keeping fit and eating the right foods. We can get so busy tied up with events and Christmas shopping that somedays exercise can seem like a chore. And for those of us lucky enough to escape for a holiday this Christmas, how do you maintain your workout routine from a hotel room?

 Top Holiday Workout Advice from Bodyright Bootcamp

1.     Workout in the morning

We advise that you try to get a workout done in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins! That way you will be sure to get some exercise and not forego it in the afternoon after a day of holiday activities.

2.     You don’t have to commit to long workouts

Just because a workout goes for an hour doesn’t mean it is effective. When you are on holidays it is often easier to approach exercise in a hard and fast manner. A high intensity workout non-stop for 20 minutes combined with your holiday activities can be just as effective for maintaining your fitness. Just remember, if you are only working out for 20 minutes your heartrate must be up the entire time, no rest periods!

3.     Body Resistance workouts are key

Body resistance workouts are great when you are away on holiday as you won’t need any equipment so no excuses! Resistance training increases muscle strength by making your muscles work against a force. In this case your own bodyweight!

Try the below workout in the morning when you are on holiday!

10-15 Body weight squats

10-15 Pushups

15-20 Sit ups

15-20 Burpees

10-15 Lunges

Repeat 5 x or go hard for 20 minutes

Have an amazing Christmas and New Year and stay safe from Bodyright Bootcamp!

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