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How to trick yourself into liking exercise

How to trick yourself into liking exercise

How to trick yourself into liking exercise | Bodyright Perth Fitness Bootcamp

How to trick yourself into liking exercise

Scientists have been testing the relationship between exercise and your psychological wellbeing for years, but recently they have discovered how to trick yourself into liking exercise.

Yes, there is a correlation between your mind frame and how strenuous you find your daily workout.

Intrigued? Want to wake up in the morning for your pump session with a spring in your step?

The key to trick yourself into liking exercise is apparently understanding the benefits of your session. So if you’ve signed up for a TRX and Core workout or a HIIT class, you need to keep in mind what positive effects they are having on your body.

During the study, the test group that had a hyped up coach explaining the benefits of what they were doing, felt the session was less strenuous than those that had no interaction with a coach.

They claimed the session went relatively quicker with the positive reinforcement than previous sessions they’ve done alone. Talk about useful information.

So next time you’re heading to your session, maybe do a quick google or ask your coach what the benefits will be from their planned session.


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