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The Benefits of Healthy Eating

The Benefits of Healthy Eating

The Benefits of Healthy Eating

Let’s start by explaining what clean eating is. In simplest terms clean eating implies eating real foods, vegetables, fruits, animal and plant based proteins, and whole grains. Basically cutting out the processed foods as much as possible so what you are eating is in its most natural form. It is said that clean eating in smaller portions can have huge effects on weight loss and fat loss when teamed with regular exercise.

It’s also important to note that while some of us race out and start swapping the olive oil for organic coconut oil and peanut butter for almond butter you still need to refer to the serving size of each product. Many ‘health foods’ can still have the same amount of sugars and fats as your regular products so it isn’t a chance to over indulge. Make sure your energy bar isn’t a chocolate bar in sheeps clothing.

  1. 1. Try to consume more vegetables with every meal. Making a smoothie in the morning? Add spinach or kale. Cooking spaghetti Bolognese? Substitute pasta for zucchini noodles. Learn how to make eating vegetables yummy and your mindset will change from it being a chore to a treat.

2. Understand the difference between fat and saturated fat. Good fats are an essential part of the diet. Remember that morning smoothie? Add some avocado or a spoon of almond butter. It’s all about balancing each meal: Protein, Fat and Carbs. Nuts and fish also contain good fats in moderation. Here’s a helpful tip: Saturated fats are solid at room temperature, while unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature

3. Reduce alcohol intake. That old chestnut. Alcohol can dehydrate and add excess calories to your diet in one sweet glass. In fact it is known to have twice as many calories as protein and carbs. It can also have a debilitating effect on the stomach lining, kidneys and liver which can lessen the rate at which you digest your food.

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